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How And Why Should Delhi Couples Honeymoon in Andamans?

The Andaman is a teeny-tiny cluster of islands that may be found nestled away in a nook of the Indian Ocean. There is an inexplicable quality about this location that brings a grin to one’s face without one being aware of it. The location really is like heaven. A landscape that stirs the spirit is created when the beaches of white sand and turquoise water come together. This location will never fail to meet your expectations, regardless of whether you are looking for a lively atmosphere or want to spend your time at the beach in peace. Andaman has so much to see and do that it is an ideal getaway for newlywed couples to strengthen their marriage bond.

Why Plan Honeymoon in Andamans?

A honeymoon in the Andamans is highly recommended for a number of different reasons, some of which are listed below:

The Islands of the Andamans Offer the Perfect Balance of Serenity and Adventure

The island has a picturesque landscape that the eyes of Delhi rarely get to see. Plus, the island never fails to thrill the travelers. They have the full package of fun to make your honeymoon in Andamans a lifetime memory.

An Economical Honeymoon Destination

The thought of overall expenses on the trip surely comes to mind while planning honeymoon in Andamans. But, since you are planning your honeymoon in Andamans, you don’t have to worry much as this one is not going to be harsh on your pocket and can perfectly fit into your budget. We have such great honeymoon packages that can perfectly fit into any budget. You just have to land here in Andaman and we can take perfect care of your accommodation and adventure in the Andamans.

You Get A Chance To See Majestic Volcanos And Even Dive In One.

Marriage sometimes brings a lot of pressure and stress for some. What could be better to ease this stress than having a big dose of adrenaline by diving into the volcano and coming out alive? Doesn’t this sound amazing?

Our tour packages for honeymoon in Andamans include a tour to Narcondam Island, which is a small island and has a dormant volcano. Diving in this dormant volcano is considered one of the most incredible diving experiences in the world.

Delicious Food

Though breakfast and candlelight dinner are part of every tour package we offer, whether it is a package for a honeymoon in Andmans or just a budget one to have a quality weekend in this paradise, our tourists try as much local cuisine as they can in between these meals since the island is teeming with uncountable shack eateries and each of these has a unique menu of seafood.


In addition to going snorkelling at Bharatpur beach and taking a drive along the Andaman Trunk road, some of the other things you can do in Port Blair include going for a stroll along Radha Nagar Beach, learning about India’s past at the Cellular Jail, and exploring India’s history at the Cellular Jail. During your visit to this wonderful location, there will be no time for boredom.

Amazing Options for Shopping Spree

When you travel on vacation, you almost certainly visit the local markets in order to purchase a memento of your trip to take home with you. There is an abundance of mementoes to be found in the street markets of the Andaman Islands. These mementoes include cane handicrafts, ornamental objects made of wood, and accessories created from sea shells and pearls. Since the jewellery created from sea shells is lawfully manufactured here, you will need to make room in your baggage for the gorgeous items that are being produced.

How to fly to Andaman from Delhi?

Having perfectly planned everything related to your honeymoon in Andamans, you definitely do not want to ruin your trip experience to the Andamans. To help you perfectly plan your journey to Andaman too, we are all open to helping you.

Andaman can be reached by air, as well as by land and water transport. But only choose the second option over the first if you like travelling by train and ship and are willing to spend 4-5 days doing so. This is how long it will take you to get to Andaman by land and water. Reaching Andaman by air is the fastest way to reach Andaman. We have mentioned three air routes to reach Andaman in the following section of the blog. You may choose the one that suits you the most.

3 Air Routes from Delhi to Andaman

There are 49 direct flights from New Delhi to Port Blair. The minimum time taken by a flight from New Delhi is 5 hours. The fastest way to get from New Delhi (Airport code: DEL) to Port Blair by air is to take a flight to Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair (Airport code: IXZ). Here are the three air routes by which you can reach Port Blair from Delhi: 

Route 1: New Delhi to Port Blair

This air route can get you to Port Blair in around 5 hours. If you are interested in this route, follow the following directions:

  • Board a flight from New Delhi (DEL) to Port Blair (IXZ).
  • Cost: INR 8000–10,000

Route 2: Fly from New Delhi to Kolkata and then to Port Blair.

If you choose this flight route, then it is going to take approximately 5 hours to reach Port Blair. There is one stoppage on this route, which is at Kolkata.

Your flight from New Delhi Airport to Kolkata Airport (CCU) will cost approximately INR 5000 and take approximately 2 to 2.5 hours.

Your journey to Port Blair will be completed with your flight from Kolkata Airport (CCU) to Port Blair Airport (IXZ) which would cost you around 4–4.5k rupees and will be 2–2.5 hours.

Route 3: Fly from New Delhi to Bangalore and then to Port Blair.

The third route that one may choose to visit the Andaman Islands from Delhi is by making a stop at Bangalore Airport. On this route, you would have to take a 3-hour flight from New Delhi Airport (DEL) to Bangalore Airport (BLR). The flight would cost you around 6k to 7k in Indian currency.

From Bangalore, get aboard a plane to Port Blair (IXZ). The flight will cost you around 6 to 6.5K in Indian currency and will take between 2.5 and 3 hours to arrive in Port Blair.

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