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3 Andaman Islands Tour That You Must Include On Your Tour Package for Andaman & Nicobar

The Andaman Islands are a testament to God’s imaginative creativity, blessed with the finest of nature in the shape of unspoiled beaches surrounding the blue sea. The white and golden sands of the beaches combine with the blue waves of the sea and the green hues of the tropical trees to produce breathtaking beauty across the archipelago. 

Aside from the visual splendor, these islands feature a plethora of activities that draw tourists, both cultural aficionados and adrenaline junkies, to choose an Andaman package over other tour packages.

Something for Every Tourist

Every kind of visitor should visit the Andaman at least once in their lives since it has a diverse range of islands that are both thrilling and tranquil.

If you want to see picture-perfect scenery with fewer people in the surroundings and pure tranquility, book an Andaman package to Mayabunder Island and Cinque Island since the stunning nature and peacefulness of these islands will not disappoint.

Book an Andaman package to Havelock Island and Neil Island to enjoy a bustling environment with superb infrastructure and hotel alternatives, since they are among the most developed sites in the archipelago. These islands are also known for their shallow seas and coral reefs, which make them great for water sports and exploring the ocean.

If you want to see Mother Nature’s fiery side, then book an Andaman package to Barren Island. A visit to Barren Island will bring you face-to-face with Southeast Asia’s only active volcano.

Andaman Islands Tours that should be in Every Andaman Package:

Havelock Island

Havelock Island, part of the breathtaking Ritchie’s Archipelago, is the beating heart of the Andamans. Havelock, a coastal paradise speckled with endless white sand beaches surrounded by the splendor of tropical vegetation, is a coastal paradise delivering unparalleled luxury with a wonderful dose of adrenaline. The underwater world, which is home to some of Andaman’s most beautiful beaches, is sure to entice you with a wealth of aquatic sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, sea walking, surfing, and glass boat excursions!

On a relaxing day, relax in your favorite hammock along the white sandy beaches and beneath the shade of large palm trees to recharge your batteries. Explore renowned beaches such as Vijayanagar, Radhanagar, and Bharatpur, and satisfy your shopping urges by visiting the iconic Market No. 3! If you’re looking for unique places to visit, an Andaman package that includes visits to Barren Island, Inglis Beach, Merk Bay, and Kalapathar Beach may be a wonderful diversion from the more popular, busy Havelock beaches.

Neil Island 

During your visit to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you may visit various scenic and popular islands around Port Blair. Few, though, can equal Neil Island’s modest and relaxing appeal. Visitors choose this island because of its incredible biodiversity, white sandy beaches, pristine and beautiful coral reefs, and tropical woods. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of renowned Andaman destinations, this is the ideal weekend retreat!

This island, located roughly 36 kilometers northeast of Port Blair, emanates a laid-back appeal that you will notice soon after setting foot on it. Furthermore, since it is a tiny island, it is suitable for spending a couple of days there. The widest point is around 5 kilometers. If you start walking, you may complete the island in about 2 hours. It is somewhat warmer than nearby Havelock and hence has less forest cover.

This island provides plenty of spots to rest or lie about in the afternoon while watching the sunset and gazing out at the great blue sea. There aren’t many facilities, and the beaches aren’t very luxurious, but that might be a pleasure in disguise, especially if you like seclusion.

Ross and Smith Island 

Ross and Smith Islands are linked by an isthmus of white sand and are together known as the Twin Islands. These islands are so interesting that it’s hard to find the words to describe them. They have picturesque landscapes, a blue ocean, clean beaches, and a beautiful tropical jungle, among other things.

Because the island is near Diglipur, one may drive to Aerial Bay, get entrance permission, and then take a ferry to the island. Ross Island is about 20 minutes away by boat. From Smith Island, you are encouraged to enjoy the nature paths that run all the way to Ross Island, through the verdant tropical woods that swing their heads constantly.

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