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3 Must-Visit Heritage Spots in the Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands, a series of 572 islands stretched over the Bay of Bengal resembling gorgeous coral chains seen at the island’s market, were India’s hidden treasure until recently. The gleaming beauty of these unspoiled islands is becoming more widely known, thanks to an increase in the popularity of Andaman tourist packages.

When someone says’ ‘Kaale Paani ki Sazaa, ‘we immediately think of the Andaman Islands and the Cellular Jail. Well, the whole group of islands is based on those events, and you can see that the British had a big impact on the architecture and culture of the area.

However, in addition to the breathtaking natural scenery that has a way of awe-inspiring visitors, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands also offer a number of historical attractions that are both awe-inspiring and eerie at the same time. Tours to these attractions can be found in every one of our tourist packages for Andaman.

Here is our selection of the top 5 historical sites in the Andaman Islands that you must see during your Andaman trip!

National Memorial – Cellular Jail

The Cellular Jail was built in 1906. This one-of-a-kind, three-story building is stretched out like the spokes of a bicycle wheel. It is a popular destination for Andaman and Nicobar Honeymoon Packages. It was the first of its type in India, with 693 cells designed specifically for the solitary confinement of criminals. Since the front of one row of cells faced the rear of the other, inmates confined in separate wings were unable to communicate. This jail housed many mysterious freedom warriors.

The cellular prison is now a National Memorial featuring a Liberation Fighters Photos and Exhibition, a Library on the Freedom Struggle, an Art Gallery and Netaji Gallery, a First War of Independence gallery, and a gallery with a unique collection of vintage pictures. An immortal flame of freedom has been lit at the cellular jail in honour of all freedom fighters. It is known as “Swatantrya Jyot.” The “Son-et-Lumiere” Sound and Light Show is an additional attraction at the National Memorial.

Ross Island

Ross is a small island near the entrance to Port Blair harbour that has a rich history dating back 160 years. Following the first struggle for independence in 1857, the British sent Indian freedom warriors to the Andaman Islands as punishment. They were all transferred to Ross Island. Various government personnel and their mansions gradually appeared on the island. Ross Island was transformed into a citadel to rule the Andaman Islands Penal Settlement. 

In 1979, the island was handed over to the Defence Ministry. Ross Island is becoming a popular tourist destination. Tourists on Andaman Honeymoon Packages come here to see the ruins and relive the glory days. ‘Smritika – The Ross Memorial’ is a museum established by the Indian Navy to preserve the memories of the past. The island also includes a cutting-edge light and sound show that was commissioned by the Tourism Department and is regarded as one of the finest in the nation.

Viper Island

Viper Island is a small harbour island named after one of the survey ships, the ‘Viper.’ The island’s prison was known for inflicting brutal and inhuman punishments on its detainees. The Viper Jail was closed after the completion of the Cellular Jail at Atlanta Point, based on the Jail Committee’s findings. After occupying the island, the Japanese extracted various materials for their defences by tearing down structures and the jail. The Art and Culture Department is currently restoring the old structures.

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